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Below is a list of all books available at ALL retailers.

Suggested Reading Order for “connected” series:

  1. Timber’s Fairy (Wolfsbane Ridge Book 1)

  2. Blade’s Pixie (Wolfsbane Ridge Book 2)

  3. Reaper’s Jewels (Night Howler’s N.Miss. Book 1)

  4. Blood’s Angel (Wolfsbane Ridge Book 3)

  5. Baratta’s Darkness (Poison Pen Book 1)

  6. Lily’s Shadow (Poison Pen Book 2)

  7. Buzz (Night Howler’s New Orleans Book 1)

  8. Arin’s Light (Poison Pen Book 3)

  9. Wrench’s Salvation (Wolfsbane Ridge Book 4)

  10. Bear’s Savior (Wolfsbane Ridge Book 5)

  11. Torque’s Gaze (Wolfsbane Ridge Book 6)

  12. Skeeter (Night Howler’s New Orleans Book 2)

  13. Giovanni’s Obsession (The Company Book 1)

  14. Mika’s Heart (Poison Pen Book 4)

  15. Fang’s Miracle (Wolfsbane Ridge Book 7)

  16. Cass’ Vow (Poison Pen Book 5)

  17. Grease (Night Howler’s N. Miss. Book 2)

  18. Shelby’s Secret (Poison Pen Book 6)

  19. Snake’s Fate (Wolfsbane Ridge Book 8)

    Other Books

  20. All I’ve Got (Sports Romance)

  21. Apple Maritinis (Sweet Cocktails Book 1)

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